Questions And Answers Regarding Pre-planning And Prepaid Funerals

The concept of prepaid funerals is very swiftly phasing out the traditional method of funeral and rightly so, as it comes with numerous features that are beneficial for a family. Yes, these features are related to budget, relaxation, and services and so on, but still people have numerous questions in mind that they want to place before the funeral directors recommending prepaid funeral services to them. Here in this post, we have picked some common questions and tried to answer them all in this post.

1.What are the benefits of Pre-planning or Prepaid Funerals?
According to the experts, planning a funeral could be one of the most devastating and stressful experience for the family and at the same time, an expensive one too.
But with the help you pre-planning concept my prepaid balance or the concept of prepaid funerals, first of all, you prevent the family from experiencing that stressful time.
At the same time, with this step, you make sure that the expenses related to this event stays right inside your budget.
The reason is that before signing the prepaid funeral’s contract, you engage in preplanning with the chosen funeral director who documents each specification you give regarding the event.
He also signs on the one part of the document as an acknowledgement and ensuring that all the wishes as tole by the contract holder would be completed without any adulteration.
Together, the two of you Design a personalized tribute that reflects your preferred final arrangements, including:

Your choice between cremation or burial
Your choice of service (ex: gathering, visitation, funeral and/or memorial services)
What items you’d like (ex: casket, headstone, cremation urn)
Personal touches (ex: music at a funeral or your favourite photos displayed
This ensures that your final wishes are documented for your family to carry out

  1. Can I Prepay?
    This is actually an option given by the chosen funeral director as to whether you want to convert preplanned funerals into prepaid funerals and one thing to understand here is that prepaying has its own unique benefits.
    When you prepay, make sure you have a clear understanding of guaranteed items that will not increase in costs and what is not guaranteed that will increase in costs.
    Depending upon the funeral director or funeral home, you will be given an opportunity to pay the entire amount in one go or pay it in instalments and once done, the money is sent back to a bank or an insurance company.
    By opting for prepaid funeral services, the biggest benefit is that the family will never get to see the bill and the entire ceremony would be organised in the funds submitted by you.
    3.Can I transfer my prearranged plan to a different Funeral Home?
    Depending upon the laws prevailing in your state, there are possibilities of transferring the entire 100 percent of the funds.
    However, you need to keep in mind that there must be some rules and laws regarding transferring that you will have to follow as there are some conditions, where money does not get refunded.
    For example, if you transfer your plan to a funeral home with higher rates, it’s likely you’ll have to pay the remaining balance and even in the event a funeral home goes out of business or comes under new ownership; your policy is safe and easily transferable as well.

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