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Finding the right location for your wedding is just a really infuriating task. But what could be much better than finding committed in one single of the very occurring towns of the planet? A roof wedding in the economic capital of the state, ignoring the noisy activities below you and having the lovely skyline gaze back at you. Among the benefits of marrying on a roof is, you will really feel rich. You can just contact a helicopter and fly saturated in the atmosphere to chill following the ceremony.

Hotel Godwin overlooks the Gateway of India, the Grand Taj Mahal Palace and the amazing Arabian Sea. Remarkably, also the big Taj Mahal Palace can’t provide such music curator a ideal beach view! It has a volume of 150 people. Also although only veggie food is served here, alcohol is permitted but just with a permit. The rooftop is designed with a DJ and a music system i.e. allowed to play music until 11 pm. The location timings may be extensive till 12:30 am. The terrace within the glass opportunities is equipped with air conditioners to pummelled heat in summer.

The rooftop capacity of this lodge is 350 people. It gives a large perspective see of the town and is actually pleasing to the eyes. The location also offers a natural room and a audio system. It also has a big parking area readily available for its guests. The place has several skilled wedding planners to assist you with everything linked to your wedding. Alcohol and non-vegetarian food aren’t permitted.

The ITC Grand Main has a famous and sophisticated banquet hall. Exactly like their banquets, they have a stylish terrace yard on the rooftop. In the event that you book the terrace yard it has a floating volume of 350 people. The resort provides a natural space and includes a parking area which can be reserved limited to their guests. The complete location is Wi-Fi enabled. Liquor and non-vegetarian food are not permissible. Although the place doesn’t have its DJ, they have a permission to perform music till 11 pm.

This lodge has the very best roof view in the whole of Mumbai! It is found nearby the beach and the Allamanda Terrace, that is named after an American flower, provides you with an amazing see of the Mumbai skyline. If you’re a ‘wind-in-the-hair-do-not-care’ kind of individual,

then you’ll love this open-air area since it sporadically witnesses some sea breeze making your wedding more romantic. The hotel also has a little share on their rooftop so you can curl up after having a frenzied wedding event. The terrace includes a volume of 150 people. The resort supplies a natural room and the complete venue is designed with Wi-Fi. Even though area doesn’t have its music system, they have a permission to perform DJ till 11 pm. Liquor and non-vegetarian food aren’t served here.

This place supplies a extravagant room for an attractive wedding. As you soak in the wonder of the place, their caterers can handle your guests to a delicious feast, creating your time worth remembering. Furthermore, the venue supplies a parking place for nearly 100 cars. Alcohol is offered by the lodge itself and external catering is not allowed here. The area has a unique DJ and a stereo system for the Bharati’s to move a knee!

If you are planning a beach wedding in Mumbai, then this areas offers flawless companies and turns a straightforward wedding into a wonderful one. Get touching people for more wedding venues in Mumbai.

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